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Helping the professional win the job race through coaching, marketing and personal - touch networking
  • Having difficulty articulating your value and currency to a prospective employer?
  • Need help in capitalizing on networking opportunities?
  • Having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just not winning the job?
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In 2000, Scott Kane partnered with the late Jack Heyden to help develop one-on-one personalized professional coaching and mentoring services - Pathways Through Transition. This unique approach was specifically designed to help professionals expeditiously acquire new jobs and career opportunities. The customized spectrum of services has helped hundreds of professionals attain meaningful opportunities and develop rewarding careers. In addition, GHM offers its services utilizing Zoom® and other web-based technologies.

To complement the Pathways Through Transition programs, Jack and Scott coauthored and published an insightful self-help book for the job seeker, Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition. This guide not only details all of the elements needed to successfully run the "job race", but also how to acquire and win job offers (the book is available through and in our own Gray Hair Management web store.)

In 2004, Zeno Wisniewski joined GHM as a partner to further help expand the GHM model. Zeno brought professional business experiences which included international consulting, finance, corporate benefits, investments, corporate business management, and strategies.

At Gray Hair Management, we are always striving to position our clients to be more competitive in a very competitive marketplace, and as a result, our clients are getting jobs two to three months sooner than the national average for a six-figure job seeker. In fact, 20% of our clients land new positions within 90 days or less, while 70% of our clients land new jobs within seven months or less.

We typically partner with clients who:

  • Have difficulty articulating their real value to a new employer.
  • Need help in capitalizing upon networking opportunities.
  • Are having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just winning the job.

Our programs are customized to our client's needs and objectives and are result-focused, not merely time-based. Often we continue to provide support to our clients even after they find their next great opportunity to help them achieve their long-term professional career goals.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, having difficulty getting on track, becoming frustrated, or just do not know what you want to be when you grow up, call GHM at 847.940.2800.

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Winning The Job Race Book by Scott Kane and Jack HeydenJack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and who were forced to reinvent themselves to survive in the 21st Century workforce.

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