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Helping the professional win the job race through coaching, marketing and personal - touch networking
  • Having difficulty articulating your value and currency to a prospective employer?
  • Need help in capitalizing on networking opportunities?
  • Having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just not winning the job?
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There are more than 6,500 active senior managers and professionals who belong to Gray Hair Management. GHM members cross all work disciplines and industries, and offer years of experience and expertise for any senior management position.

You can view and contact those GHM members who have entered information into their professional profile.

You will be able to search the Profiles by both Category and by any word search you desire.

Contact with the members can be made in two ways, by phone (if the member has revealed his/her phone number), or by email by "Click Here to Email Me."

Gray Hair Management does not edit nor acts as an agent for our members in this process. GHM is only the pipeline helping you connect with our members. Accuracy of the information displayed is the total responsibility of the member, and Gray Hair Management does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this site is accurate, complete or current.

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