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Helping the professional win the job race through coaching, marketing and personal - touch networking
  • Having difficulty articulating your value and currency to a prospective employer?
  • Need help in capitalizing on networking opportunities?
  • Having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just not winning the job?
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Coaching, Mentoring, Networking and Job Leads

The Gray Hair Management® corporate mission is to help professionals get jobs. All of our activities are focused on this mission, whether it is to help organizations and recruiters find qualified candidates, provide our members with networking events and job leads, or to help individuals secure their next position with our exclusive Pathways Through Transitionsm Coaching program.

Finding a job in a bad job market. - Blog Talk Radio

This segment is a prerecorded interview with Scott Kane; Managing Director of Gray Hair Management. Scott discusses the importance of networking, and what unemployed workers should expect to face in this market. This interview will be especially helpful to people who have not had to look for a job in many years and who never expected to be out of work.

Senior manager or executive earning MORE THAN $75,000 per year


 I would be remiss if I didn't credit your book Winning the Job Race-Pathways Through Transition that guided me through the logical steps of self assessment and preparation to secure a new job.  It had the most consistent information when aligned with questions recruiters and interviewers ask.  I also need to credit the daily GHM emails as a great source of information in many areas.  They alerted me to tax break information, interview techniques, 15 myths of employment and coaching to name a few.  Naturally, they also allowed me to consider new jobs locally and out of state. 
Gregory S.

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Winning The Job Race Book by Scott Kane and Jack HeydenJack Heyden and Scott Kane are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and who were forced to reinvent themselves to survive in the 21st Century workforce.

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