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Helping the professional win the job race through coaching, marketing and personal - touch networking
  • Having difficulty articulating your value and currency to a prospective employer?
  • Need help in capitalizing on networking opportunities?
  • Having little success in getting interviews, or if interviewing, just not winning the job?
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What do I get for my membership?
Gray Hair Management, which began in Metropolitan Chicago, has also become a force in remote networking. Our network now spans all across America and is quickly gaining recognition in the world marketplace as well. Dozens of recruiters and companies are now sending job leads to us regularly to pass on to our GHM membership because they too have discovered the power of our network.

The benefit of Active membership provides you with regular email messages containing Job Leads, Company Information Requests, Landing Reports, General Announcements, and other pertinent information about your job search and networking information.

In addition, your information is contained in our database which helps us facilitate opportunities for you with recruiters and corporations that contact us looking for executive talent.

What type of job leads will I receive?
When you register, you will indicate the discipline and industry you have experience in. You will receive job leads that match those criteria. You can add or drop industry categories at any time, just by clicking on Email List Management.

What are the categories for job leads?
  • Business Opportunities
  • Communications / PR / Advertising
  • Customer Service / Call Center Management / Customer Care
  • EH&S/ Safety/ Environmental
  • Energy/Gas and Oil
  • Executive Management / Consulting
  • Finance / Insurance / Real Estate
  • Healthcare / Pharma / Scientific
  • Hospitality / Hotel / Food Service
  • HR / Legal / Training / Organizational Design
  • International
  • IT / MIS
  • Manufacturing / Operations / Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Non-Profit / Education / Gov / Assoc
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control/ Management/ Assurance
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain / Purchasing / Logistics
  • Telecom
What if your service does not meet with my expectations?
Gray Hair Management provides a 30-day trial period for the Senior Professional Network. If, within the first 30 days of your trial membership, you decide that our service does not meet your needs, call (847.940.2800) or email us and we will promptly cancel your membership. You must notify us prior to the expiration of your 30-day trial to avoid any charges. After that you can cancel anytime, but it must be prior to a billing cycle to avoid charges. There will be no refunds after membership fees are paid.

Is my personal information available on line?
Your information is private and is not displayed on our website. When we receive requests from recruiters and corporations for executives that match your criteria, we will notify you first before presenting your information. In our network, we do not sell or give away your information to other marketers, nor do we provide your personal information to recruiters or companies without your prior knowledge and consent. We don't even allow other members access to our database. Total confidentiality is maintained. There is an optional Professional Profiles subscription which allows your information to be searchable on our website by outside recruiters, HR directors and others who visit our website.

What if I get a job? Am I still in the network?
When you get a job, notify us and we will put you on Alumni status, which means that you will not receive job leads, but will continue to receive all other information.

How long am I a member?
Senior Professional Network
You can remain a member, as long as you continue to pay the quarterly fee, receive our emails, or have not asked to be dropped. If you voluntarily drop out of our network, you will have to re-register and pay a new fee if you choose to rejoin.

What if my email bounces back to you?
We know there are many reasons why email bounces back to us. Sometimes it is the fault of the ISPs, or sometimes our members' mail boxes exceed their allotted quota, or the member has changed email addresses without telling us. When this happens, we place your account On Hold for 30 days to give you enough time to re-establish connections and tell us that your email now works. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can receiver our emails. After 30 days, you may be dropped from the network, and re-registration with a new registration fee may be necessary.

How will I know if my email is bouncing back to you.
We send out daily informational emails about networking, companies and other important information to help you in your job search. If you find that after a couple of days, you are not receiving this information, then chances are your account has been placed On Hold. Just send us an email or give us a call 847.940.2800 and we will help you resolve the problem. If after 30 days, you haven't notified us that you are not receiving our email, then you may be dropped, and re-registration will be necessary.

What types of membership does Gray Hair Management have?
  • Active Member - Receiving all emails.
  • Alumni Member - Receiving all emails, except job leads.
  • On-Hold - A member whose email has ceased to work and bounces back to us. The member has 30-days to notify us that they are no longer receiving regular email from us so that we can re-activate their membership. After 30 days, if the email has not been re-established, the member may be dropped from the database.
  • Dropped - Once you are dropped from membership, re-registration will be required if you want to get back into the network. An additional registration fee will be required.

Will there be additional fees in the future?
As a Senior Professional Member, the fee you are paying is a quarterly fee automatically charged to your credit card. As long as you remain an Active or Alumni member and your quarterly fee is paid, there will be no additional fees for this service.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?
You can cancel your membership anytime by notifying us by email or phone prior to the next quarterly billing cycle. Membership fees will not be refunded once they have been assessed for the current quarter.

If I get a job shortly after I register, what happens to my membership?
Nothing. You continue to stay connected. Your status is changed to "alumni," and you will not receive job leads. However, you will continue to receive all other member messages. In the event you need to begin a new job search, we will restore your status to "active." At any time during your active subscription, you can restart the job leads simple by going to My Account on our website and clicking on Job List Management.

Will you have advertising in your emails, or sell my email address or other personal information to marketers?
Our covenant with our members is that your information is private, and we will not offer advertising or allow other marketers to gain access to your information. We aggressively monitor and pursue any member who violates this covenant.

How do I change the information in my profile?
The only way to change your information is to send us an email with your new resume file, address changes, phone numbers, or any other changes you want to make. Send your changes to You can always change your email address and password by going to My Account on our website and logging in.

I don't live in the Chicago area, but I understand you have a very effective personal coaching process. How can I take advantage of Gray Hair Management's additional services?
Give us a call, and we will be glad to discuss with you the "Pathways Through Transition" coaching program that we offer our members. This unique program delivered by WebCam provides an executive with both a job and a career coach for the rest of his/her business career.

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